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What's Up, ReVo? 6 consecutive months What's Up, ReVo? 12 consecutive months

ReVo Artist Extraordinaire: JENNA is the current ReVo Bling! winner, through a site-wide graphic challenge
ReVo Trivia God: VERITAS is the current ReVo Bling! winner, through the latest trivia night
Clash of the Artist: KITTEN is the current ReVo Bling! winner, through this Grafica event

                   ReVo Personalized Funsies

Aeternum: Lord Commander of Worlds
Ali: The Color of Super Awesome!
Alistair: God Emporor
Aylee: Cookie Monster
Caedam: Even Death Dies
Care: Nightmare before...
Castiel: Baby Blue
CD: Blushin Bashful
Chain: Blue Steel
Charity: lil wicked
Copper: Crazy Dragon
Dapet: Da snoopy dance
Dark: The Revo ninja.
DarkErotik: ~DarKErotiK~
Demonatrix: M & M
Eva: The Quill
Faile: Dragon Eyes
Gabby: The Darkness
Geenky: pink geek
Gold: Sailor Senshi
Joy Naomi: Just a Princess
Kaliko: Moscato
kitten: coral me awesome
LaDonna: Muave-alous
Laramie: Warning Label: Cute but Crazy
Lidia: Limitless
Loki: Bright!
Malice: Dark Kitten
Murder: Homicidal Tendencies
Mutt: Master Assassin
Neo2681: RPer with a Mouth
Nicole: Kinky Woman
Ravage: All in Red
Shy: The Unbroken One
Simirae: ReVo Crazy Cat
Simplicity: Kiss my Shamrock
Slick: THE Mother Fucker
Squeak: Lucid Dreamer
Stabz: Scarytale Princess
Vice: Infernal Vice
Volstagg: The Oceans of Me
Wildthing: The New Wolverine
Zane: Sweet watermelon wine
         ReVo Personalized Bling!s

Lord Commander: AETERNUM
Queen of Tangents: AURORA
Cookie Monster: AYLEE
ShadowMoon: BA'AL
Even Death Dies : CAEDAM
What's this...: CARE
Hot and Dangerous: CD
Links of Chain: CHAIN
Lil' Kitty: CHARITY
Owns da genni: CHRISTIAN!
Dragon Love: COPPER
Star wars nerd: COVET
On the Rise: CURBIE
Storm Trooper: DARK
Darkling: DINNI
The Quill: EVA
Dragon Fire: FAILE
Beyond the Darkness: GABBY
pink geek: GEENKY
Christian's: GENNIFAIRY {C}
Magical Girl: GOLD
Crazy Canuck: JINX
Gaming Princess: JOY NAOMI
Free Spirited One: KARDIE
Anarchy Queen: KITTEN
Music is life.: KYSRINARIA
Lone Wolf: LADONNA
Masterpiece incomplete: LARAMIE
The heart knows: LIDIA
superhero: LOKI
geekachu: MAGIK
Malikat: MALICE
The Fallen Star: MINAH
Murderous intent: MURDER
Deadpool: NEO2681
Sweet as Honey: NICOLE
Phantom: PhantomTiger
Jagged Edge: QRISTAL
All in Red: RAVAGE
Bad good girl: RAVEN
Seraph's Cross: SERAPH
I'm Pink: SHY
Frakin Toasters!: SIX
The Punisher: SLICK
Lucid Dreamer: SQUEAK
Dripping With Alchemy: STABZ
Cupcake Narcotic: SUPPLICATION
The Superman: THE GURU
King of Petty: VICE
Bloody Mess: VOLSTAGG
Go Texas: VULGAR
Wolverine: WT~
whovian forever: YOKO
iconic icon: ZANE

                   ReVo Pre-set Funsies legend

ReVo Monster: Be warned. I take no prisoners.
Secret Squirrel: I'm a ninja squirrel.
Sweet Angel: Corrupt me if you can.
Daring Devil: There is nothing I won't try - twice.
Willing Minion: Favored servant.
Control Freak: Favored dictator.
Precious Princess: Precious princess.
Stud-a-Lot: Cybering is rad.
Secret Agent: Incognito ReVo supporter.
ReVo Pre-set Bling! legend

: This is the life for me.
: Chinchilla! Not a mouse.
: Finding my way.
: You want to be me.
: Who doesn't love frogs?
: Hot to the touch.
: Purple squiggly.
: Monster.
: I might be a bit shy.
: ReVo Squirrel Fan Club.
: Toofy walrus.

Funsies are a chatter suggested idea for DONATIONS sent in to support ReVo.** We have the right to refuse a color that may be confused with a designated whochat color and we have the right to refuse any titles we find inappropriate.

Bling! is a chatter suggested idea for DONATIONS sent in to support ReVo.** We have the right to refuse an icon that is not CLEAR and appropriate and we have the right to refuse any titles we find inappropriate.

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