Project Evolution

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HTML Coding

This is a quick introduction to the art of coding tags for characters, and of using HTML in the chatrooms of ReVo. Please be advised that this is just a brief introduction; if you wish to learn more, look into a HTML course.

Basic HTML Code



<b></b> Bold
<br> Line break
<center></center> Centering of text
<font size=X></font> Font size, X is a number from 1 - 5
<font color=ffffff></font> Font color, with hexadecimal color value
<font face=verdana></font> Font type
<img src=> Displays image
<a href="" target=blank>Link</a> Link that opens in a new window

HTML Colours

Black #000000  
White #FFFFFF  
Red #FF0000  
Yellow #FFFF00  
Blue #0000FF  
Green #00FF00  
Grey #C0C0C0  

For more color examples, visit:
- Or simply google HTML colors.

Some examples of coding

<center><font size=1>My awesome ghost tag</font><br><img src=><br>My Name<br>My Title<br>==ReVo Rocks==<br>

<center><img src=><br><b>My Name</b><br><font size=1>I think I may have a really long lyric text here<br>And it stretches over two lines</font><br>==ReVo Rocks==<br>

<center><font size=1>My awesome ghost tag</font><br><img src= align=left><br>My Name<br>My Title<br>More necessary tags<br>==ReVo Rocks==<br>

<center><font size=1 font color=FF0000>My awesome ghost tag</font><br><img src=><br><font color=FF6600>My Name</font><br><font color=FFFF66>My Title</font><br><font color=CC3300>==ReVo Rocks==</font><br>