Project Evolution

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Site Rules

  • This site is an 18+ site, characters as well must be 18+. If you are under 18 then please direct that little arrow thingie to the upper right corner... no, your other right... and click on the X.
  • Racism, harassment, discrimination, threatening of others, stalking, violence towards animals and child pornography are not allowed. Do not make us release the flying monkeys onto thee.
  • Causing disturbances in rooms and the force or on the forums may result in catastrophic anomalies that render you mute. Be respectful towards others to avoid this unfortunate result.
  • Room Leaders may have additional rules within their rooms. Be certain to read ahead before entering to avoid being mutated into a puddle of cyber ooze.
  • Site staff names were implanted with microchips that explode when someone attempts to imitate them. Please refrain from impersonating them to avoid random head explosions. It gets rather messy and someone has to clean it up.
  • Be respectful of room rules, themes and the players within. We're all here to enjoy our roleplay.
  • Sharing of personal information of others is not allowed. You have too many of your own secrets to share, so allow others to reveal what they wish if they desire.

  • Harassment

    This will not be applied to legitimate roleplay scenarios and situations that can and do arise in certain settings. If the content of a room, genre, or character enactment is not suited to your tastes, please try another one or create one of your own!

    Definition of harassment, drama and stalking:

  • Any type of posting which “demands” something from another user of the community.
  • Any type of posting which is made just to cause another user pain (attacking abilities, writing, posts, their ability to do their job as a staff member, etc.)
  • Any type of posting that is repetitive, intrusive or unwanted, be it in private or public in forums and rooms.
  • Any type of posting that is culturally, emotionally intimidating or condescending.
  • Any type of posting which encourages friends of the poster to step in and further aggravate the situation.
  • Any type of posting that is an obvious sign of childish behaviour (temper tantrums, saying something is unfair, whining, bitching, cussing / obvious anger burst.)

  • Procedure for handling harassment, drama and stalking:

  • Keep a record of what you think is harassment - do NOT delete PMs or posts.
  • Kindly tell the other person that you think they are not handling the situation in the best possible manner.
  • If the situation is not resolved and the user(s) feel they cannot resolve the issue between themselves, they will notify the staff.
  • Make a copy of the incidents (posts, PMs) for the staff member to review, and show both yours as well as the other party's posts/PMs. Once it has been handed over to the staff, and they have notified you that it is being handled, let them handle it - do not keep posting.

  • ReVo Justice System : ReVo Department of Justice

    Nearly everyone has a jacket (criminal history/arrest record) in this community and the decision by the ReVo community is that we remember that. ReVo is a new beginning but not a clean slate. That has been done ad nauseum only to have the same repeat offenders back out on the streets of our communities, wreaking havoc in the form of unacceptable behaviors, hate-mongering, harassment and other violations of community cohesiveness. We believe there is a place for everyone in our community and will help everyone find one, even if that place is the penitentiary. If you have a prior criminal record in our memory banks then it is very likely that even a minor violation of our rules will result in a stiffer penalty than what is listed for that violation below. This is at our discretion and ReVo reserves the right to administer the level of violations as we deem fit.

    For an updated jacket, please visit the ReVo Forums.

  • DoJ LvL 0 - Courthouse Appearance: Minor violation that does not count as Jail time and will not be logged on the public Jail Log. A ticket (reminder) will be issued about adherence to the rules.
  • DoJ LvL 1 - Grand Jury Summons: Repeat offenders of minor violations or a violation beyond minor will be called on it and issued a warning. This will be listed on the Jail Log.
  • DoJ LvL 2 - County Jail: A suspension anywhere from 3 months to a year. Includes but is not limited to violations such as verified and purposeful harassment of others in the community, refusal to abide by site rules or honor room or forum rules. Please see DoJ CSR below for information on lifting this suspension. This will be listed on the Jail Log.
  • DoJ LvL 3 - Federal Penitentiary: A lifetime sentence. Multiple DoJ LvL 2 sentences or a violation so severe against our community as determined by the ReVo SoVereign and confirmed by the ReVo Cabinet. This penalty is at our discretion and we reserve every right to refuse service to any. Please see DoJ CSR below for information on requesting a parole hearing. This will be listed on the Jail Log.
  • DoJ CSR - Community Service Release: Offender has served their time for a DoJ LvL 2 OR it MAY be granted after careful parole board hearings, to a DoJ LvL 3 offender. All offenses stay on record. Any further site violations by the latter (a reprieve granted to a DoJ LvL 3) will automatically reinstate the DoJ LvL 3 and there will be no further parole hearings granted. To request a Community Service Release, contact a cabinet member.

  • Site Disclaimer

    This site is, first and foremost, an adult role playing chatsite meant as a form of entertainment. This site is not suitable for visitors under the age of eighteen. While most of the explicit content is private, we make no guarantees of this, and there are some topics that are discussed openly which are extremely sexual in nature.

    Roleplay Evolution takes no responsibility for any posts made by the members. By browsing this site you agree that the poster is the only person responsible for the content that they post, and to be responsible for your own posts and works. All postings and messages here are fully logged, with IP addresses, and you understand that authorities may be contacted if the situation warrants it.

    Being a community site, Roleplay Evolution cannot immediately control all possible violations that may occur. If there is an issue, you may review our site policies and contact a member of the staff to take appropriate action. All trademarks, copyrights, and other such marks and rights belong to their respective owners.

    Roleplay Evolution maintains no contract with its members and users (you). Roleplay Evolution can make no guarantee of the quality or accuracy of any information that may be found on this site. This site delves a great deal into personal fantasies, and should not be taken as any indicator of reality. If you need advice about a situation (legal, medical,etc), you should seek professional assistance.

    Perk Disclaimer: ReVo offers certain perks to members, such as Coppermine galleries, private rooms and forums. These perks are owned and maintained solely by an individual third party. ReVo will not monitor, screen, mediate, moderate or accept ownership of any materials you make available in said perks. You acknowledge responsibility for any materials that you post, upload or otherwise and that it is your responsibility to know the laws governing distributing this material in your area. Further, by accessing any of these perks you are gaining access to the materials contained therein at your own risk. You acknowledge that by accessing any of these perks that you are fully responsible for any materials that you access and that it is your responsibility to know the law regarding accessing said materials in your area. By accessing any of these perks you agree that you will not take any action directed towards attempting to hold ReVo responsible for any such materials.


  • Users own and are responsible for the original material that they post here. By posting their original work to Roleplay Evolution, they are implicitly granting Roleplay Evolution permission to display said content indefinitely on
  • If you hold the copyright to something that has been posted on the site and forums against fair use and without your permission, contact a member of the staff and it will be investigated, and edited, deleted, or moved as is appropriate.
  • Roleplay Evolution, ReVo, and all of the material and information found within are trademarked and copyrighted to Roleplay Evolution and it's owner unless otherwise specified.
  • Regardless of the above, all content that was not created by the user should be given appropriate attribution.