Project Evolution

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The Incomplete Roleplay Manifesto

The Roleplay Manifesto is an articulation of the ideas that permeates roleplay and which roleplayers should believe in. This is how we think about our rp, what makes us passionate about it.

  • Have fun. We roleplay to get away from the mundane world. We roleplay to get a laugh, to use our imagination, but most of all, we roleplay because it is fun.
  • Respect. Respect other roleplayers characters, their roleplay, their chance at having fun. Respect the room rules, the setting. In short, let respect guide you to be a good roleplayer.
  • Growth. By learning, we grow. Be willing to reach for the sun and expand your horizons.
  • IC and OOC. These are two separate entities. You are not your character. Your character is not you. What happens to your character, does not happen to you. Your thoughts are necessarily not those of your character. And so on
  • The game. Roleplay is not about winning or losing. It is about the game. It is about playing the game.
  • Open your mind. Don’t be afraid of taking in new ideas. You never know what might happen when you allow yourself to take in new knowledge.
  • Challenge. Challenge yourself and others. Set the limit to sky-high, and see what comes out of the roleplay, the interaction, the story
  • Laugh. Laugh often. This is supposed to be fun, entertaining, and a distraction from the real world.
  • Be a revolutionary. Think outside the box, come up with the ideas that you want to play. Be different, be creative.
  • New experiences. Be open to new experiences. Don’t be afraid to dive into the unknown, and see if you can find the treasure at the bottom of the sea.
  • The process is more important than the outcome. When the outcome of the story drives the process we will only ever go to where we have already been. If the story drives the outcome we may not know where we’re going, but we will know we want to be there.
  • Dare to ask. Ask stupid questions. Growth is fueled by desire and innocence. Assess the answer, not the question.
  • Imagination Use your imagination. Spread your wings, and fly.
  • __________. Intentionally left blank. Allow space for the ideas you haven’t had yet, and for the ideas of others.