Project Evolution

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ReVo SoVereign
Site Owner of Roleplay Evolution.

This person will oversee ReVo in general and retains a final Veto or Approval ballot for issues and advances advised through the SeNate and CaBinet. In the case of a Veto, the issue will go back to the CaBinet for revisions in hopes that anything passed by both the SeNate and the CaBinet will not receive a second Veto. A second Veto may not be given for 72 hours after the initial Veto.

ReVo CaBinet
*Appointed by the SoV* - A board to advise the SoV

SeCretary of CreatiVity : overseeing New Rooms, Site Creativity, Forums, Events - Hippolyta
DiRector of DeFense : overseeing Harassment Complaints, Site Bannings and the ReVo: DoJ - Slick
SeCretary of HuMan TraFficking : overseeing Staffing, Human Resources, Member Care - Ali

This group will have final votes on all issues and advances on ReVo before advising the SoVereign of the decision. While each CaBinet member has a portion of ReVo they oversee and ultimately are the authority on, all CaBinet members will have a say on any issue that arises. All CaBinet members will be responsible for adding to and keeping up on the ReVo DoJ Jail Log.

Office of Technology
Technical Advisor appointed by the SoV

This person is key to technical advancements and security of the site. Programming and management access will be similar to that of the CaBinet. Suggestions and changes to advance our systems, protocols and security will be proposed to the CaBinet and signed off on by the SoVereign.

ReVo SeNate
*Nominated by a CaBinet member or SoV - Confirmed by a majority vote of the same*

Dark, Care
Malice, Miss Mickie, Stabz

This group has the responsibility of room approvals for all genres of the site. Each SeNator is also tasked with a field of expertise that they are responsible for, some more than one, and are obligated to assist with group activities such as event planning and volunteering and assisting in fulfilling our ReVo Gift Baskets. This group will be the face of ReVo on the forums in the form of welcoming and assistance. They will also be the site mediators.

ReVo RePresentatives
*Nominated by a SeNate or CaBinet member or SoV - Confirmed by a majority vote of the CaBinet*

CD, Covet, Halcyon, Kaliko, Kitten, Kysrinaria, Wildthing, Yoko

This group has a single focus on a task they have volunteered to do for ReVo. RePresentatives work in conjunction with SeNators to perform jobs that enhance SeNate responsibilities.

Staff Policy

  • Staff are expected to be active members of the ReVo community. Inactive staff members will be replaced.
  • Power means responsibility. Staff should be good examples - and treat all users with utmost politeness and respect.
  • Staff take actions for rule violations. Criticizing the staff is not against the rules. Make your point without vitriol, and it will be listened to.
  • If a user has issues with a staff member, direct your concerns to the ReVo SoVereign or one of her CaBinet members. This is one of the reasons why multiple staff exist.

  • Freelance Writers
    *Contributor status applied for and agreed to by CaBinet*

    Aelurus, Anarchy, Christian!, geenky, Joy Naomi, Lithium Lullaby

    This group contributes written works to our published periodicals.

    *Contributor status applied for and agreed to by CaBinet*

    Laramie, mouth {JT}

    This group contributes to our writing boards on the forums in way of games and thought-provoking approaches to the written way.

    The Edge Radio : ReVo's online radio station.
    *The Edge is hosted by and supported by ReVo. All staffing and DJ positions go through the Station Manager*

    DJ Addiction, DJ Caedam

    DJ Ba'al, DJ Care, DJ Curbside Prophet, DJ Disturbed, DJ Hemlock, DJ Magik, DJ Malice, DJ Neo, DJ Psychobarbie
    DJ Qristal, DJ Rutger, DJ Sha, DJ Spitfire, DJ Triple X, DJ Wildthing

    This group rocks.

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