L I F E T I M E . M E M B E R S H I P . P U R C H A S E S :

Limited Time LIFETIMES
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SERVER DRIVE limited time Lifetime offers:

- Lifetimes are now available during our We Need a New Server membership drive and will go away end of January.
- Along with PayPal's Credit payment option (click banner further down the page for details) we are offering a payment plan of 4 monthly installments. If you select this option, you are agreeing to pay on or before the same day for 3 more consecutive months after the initial purchase, to pay the lifetime in full by the 4th installment.

Founding memberships are no longer available. We, and I especially, want to thank every single one of you for your commitment and support of this endeavor. We have an exciting time ahead of us here on ReVo! Lifetime memberships are offered occasionally during special promotions.

L I F E T I M E . + P L U S :

Lifetime +PLUS
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This option is only available to current LIFETIME members of ReVo.

Adding +PLUS to your account:
+PLUS entitles you to all the extras ReVo currently offers, and will offer in the future, for life. Your bling!, funsie, room forums, all subrooms and any transilient rooms will now be inclusive in your total lifetime package.

Cost Comparison: Lifetime memberships = 4 years of membership and perks at cost
+PLUS pricing = only 2.6 years of bling, funsie, , 1 room forum, 1 subroom and 1 transilient room annually.


S E R V E R . D O N A T I O N S :

Server Gifts
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+ P L U S . S U B S C R I P T I O N . P L A N S :

Subscription Options
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ReVo introduces monthly subscription plans for those of you finding it easier to do things by the month. There are TWO options: $4/mo to add on the +PLUS to your membership and $7/mo to have membership, perks and the +PLUS all covered in a single monthly payment.

Adding +PLUS to your account:
- Bling! is included** - Funsie (whochat color choice) is included**
- Unlimited Transilient Rooms are included** - Subrooms are included** - Room Forums are included**
== Using each of those just once, per year, purchasing through the subscription plan saves you over 32% - more if you take further advantage of the benefits!

Subscribing to the full plan, including membership**, entitles you to the +PLUS advantages listed above and all the perks with that membership:
- A private room, world class file manager, a coppermine gallery, a wordpress blog and an SMF forum will all be available to you.**

== The full subscription plan will also save you 30%, more if you take advantage of all the benefits.

** If you unsubscribe or otherwise fall delinquent on your payment plan, all advantages will be removed.


M E M B E R S H I P . P U R C H A S E S :

Membership Levels
VALID Email & ReVo Forum Name:
Username & Password:
Membership Perks:

[1] File Manager [2] Coppermine Gallery [3] SMF Forum [4] Private Room [5] Wordpress Blog

          All memberships come with a whochat color designation.
          A ReVo membership also gives you the right to apply for rooms* and to be a room mediator. Membership is a requirement
          to being one of the aforementioned.

          [1] File Manager*: ReVo's advanced file manager is the default perk with memberships and includes the following features,
          unprecedented before now:
          - 5 GIGAbytes of storage
          - Upload capabilities for all file types related to Documents, Graphics, Audio and Video
          - Multiple uploads of up to 100 items at once
          - Click and Drag ease
          - Multiple and layered folder creation and organization
          - *This perk is standard, and FREE, with ALL memberships
           [2] Coppermine Gallery: An advanced, user-friendly, picture gallery that you are the administrator of.
           [3] SMF Forum: A user-friendly forum hosted ad-free that you are the administrator of.
           [4] Private Room: A passworded room that you control through it's own editor for pulldowns, entry pages, room password
          and the capability of resetting the room to clear it of previous scripts.
           [5] Wordpress Blog: A blog you control and design through a very powerful admin dashboard.

Membership Perks need to be renewed at the time of membership renewal. LIFETIME members do not have a renewal date - perks are included for the duration of your lifetime membership.

Room Forums are for the duration of the room's existence on Roleplay Evolution. It will be removed if at any time, the room the forum was purchased for, is removed.

Subrooms are for the duration of the room's existence on Roleplay Evolution. It will be removed when the main room is.

- LIFETIME memberships are for the life of the site, Roleplay Evolution.

- MEMBERSHIPS are not transferable but may be gifted at time of purchase.

- MEMBERSHIPS are not refundable. Be sure before you finalize your purchase.

M E M B E R . & . R O O M . A D D - O N . P U R C H A S E S :

ReVo Add-ons
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Current Member Username:

* There are no fees for an approved room, new or transferring. Subrooms can be purchased for a minimal setup and hosting price as seen in the menu above.


B L I N G ! . & . F U N S I E . D O N A T I O N S :

ReVo Exclusive Bling! and Funsies!
Funsie Prelist Options
Bling! Prelist Options
VALID Email & ReVo Forum Name:
Username/ Password:(no spaces)

ReVo exclusive FUNSIES are a chatter suggested option for DONATIONS to be given for the support of ReVo. We have numerous options for FUNSIE colors with matching titles but you also have the option of PERSONALIZING** your whochat color!

ReVo exclusive BLING! are a chatter suggested option for DONATIONS to be given for the support of ReVo. Choose from pre-sets or PERSONALIZE your own!

ReVo Pre-listed funsie options:
ReVo Monster: Be warned. I take no prisoners.
Secret Squirrel: I will ninja you if the ReVo squirrel misses.
Sweet Angel: Corrupt me if you can.
Daring Devil: There is nothing I won't try - twice.
Willing Minion: Favored servant.
Control Freak: Favored dictator.
Precious Princess: Precious princess.
Stud-a-Lot: Cybering is rad.

ReVo Pre-listed Bling! options:
: This is the life for me.
: Chinchilla! Not a mouse.
: Finding my way.
: You want to be me.
: Who doesn't love frogs?
: Hot to the touch.
: Monster.
: I might be a bit shy.
: ReVo Squirrel Fan Club.
: Toofy walrus.

** We have the right to refuse a color that may be confused with a designated whochat color and we have the right to refuse any titles we find inappropriate.

** We have the right to refuse an icon that we find inappropriate or that isn't clear for the sizing.


S A V I N G . f o r . D O N A T I O N S :

Currency Options
Your OOC and ReVo forum name:

Currency Options above are for those wishing to set aside some funds to participate in ReVo causes, such as our holiday fundraiser drives. These are NOT savings accounts and funds will need to be spent towards something ReVo-related as with all funds that come in, it is NON-refundable. Please be aware there will be no refunds though you are free to put these funds towards any ReVo-related purchase or donation. Read more HERE


Perk Disclaimer: ReVo offers certain perks to members, such as file storage, Coppermine galleries, private rooms and forums. These perks are owned and maintained solely by an individual third party. ReVo will not monitor, screen, mediate, moderate or accept ownership of any materials you make available in said perks. You acknowledge responsibility for any materials that you post, upload or otherwise and that it is your responsibility to know the laws governing distributing this material in your area.

Further, by accessing any of these perks you are gaining access to the materials contained therein at your own risk. You acknowledge that by accessing any of these perks that you are fully responsible for any materials that you access and that it is your responsibility to know the law regarding accessing said materials in your area. By accessing any of these perks you agree that you will not take any action directed towards attempting to hold ReVo responsible for any such materials.

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