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L I V E . D E E J A Y . S C H E D U L E
Sundays: Sunday Funday & DJ Curbie (mornings) Mondays: DJ Scorch
Tuesdays: DJ Neo Wednesdays: DJ B
Thursdays: DJ Rutger & DJ Harley Fridays: DJ B (afternoon)
Saturdays: DJ Wildthing

3 R D . A N N U A L . K I L L . Y O U R . C H A R A C T E R . E V E N T
When: December 12th @ 9pm Eastern
Info: Kill off your character for a fresh start in the New Year. All genres event.

(0) Lecroix Landing

(0) Lost Worlds

(0) Blood on the Marble

(0) Valar Morghulis

(0) USA

(0) Coast to Coast

(0) Crossings

(0) The 5 Boroughs

(0) Corruption

(0) Sanctity

. Happily Ever Never .

(0) Coastal Harbor

(0) King's Crossing

(0) The Threshold

(0) Edge of the

(0) Earth 3

(0) Shadowlands

(0) The Black Sanctuary

(0) World of Troi

U G L Y . S W E A T E R . P A R T Y
When: December 14th @ 7pm Eastern
Info: We'll make your jingle go jangle at the Third Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

(0) The Catacombs

(0) Everfree Rebellion

(0) The Gates of Truth

(0) Battle Grounds

(0) Northern Forest

(0) Larius Exchange Point

(0) Arcade of Merchants

(0) Colosseum of Legends

(0) Roads & Travel

(0) Clearchus Forest

(0) Ahoy Mate

(0) Prohibition

(0) Sparta

(0) Siren Island Asylum

(0) Antebellum: Beyond

(0) Into Oblivion

(0) Under the Veil

(0) Royal House of

(0) The Dark Requiem

(0) BloodMoon Manor

(0) Nightmare Reality

(0) Bloodier London

- The Passion for LKH -

(0) Private Sins

(0) The Starving Faithful

... A . Rush . of . Bloo
=[Do NOT call me Teddy]=
Wanna go without a care.
(0) New York: Uprising

- Information for Transilient Rooms -

P A I N T . N . P O U R
When: December 15th @ 1pm Eastern
Info: Love to paint? And drink?! Come one, come all for an afternoon of fun!
W I N T E R . W O N D E R L A N D . A U C T I O N
When: December 27th @ 8pm Eastern
Info: Avatars, grab bags, great tunes and fun!!

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