Project Evolution

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How to Apply for a Room on ReVo

Join the ReVolution! Our room approval process follows our MiSSion - transparent and direct. We make you the focus of the approval discussion, allowing you to participate in a ReVolutionary way as our SeNate examines your proposal. We ask for more, but we give you more - and the result is a ReVolutionary focus on roleplaying via the written word. Do you have the desire to step up to the next level with us?

The room approval process takes place on the forums. For more information, go there!

Room Leader and Room Expectations

  • Room Leaders and Mediators must hold a current Roleplay Evolution membership.
  • Room Leaders are expected to invest time and visibility in their rooms and show activity with roleplay.
  • When filling out the application, please fill out all sections and where possible add as much detail so your idea can be understood clearly.
  • If approved, it will be up to you to generate interest in your room and to utilize the tools that ReVo provides to that end. Please be sure you are prepared to take time storytelling and roleplaying and are willing to do so in a group of ten or just two.
  • Monthly check-ins on the ReVo forums is a requirement. An update on current storylines in your room lets the community know what they are missing out on and lets us know you are committed to keeping the room active.

  • Room Approval Process

    Please note that the approval process takes place on our forums.

  • Please post the Room Application publicly to the Room Applications board.
  • Please PM the Room Leader Information to ReVo.
  • The ReVo Staff will welcome you, and ask you questions regarding the application, roleplay and room idea. All interaction, be it for staff or room applicant, will be conducted in a professional and mature manner.
  • You will not be approved until you have answered at least one question during the welcoming period and all questions posed by the SeNate Majority or Minority Leader under a final TECHNICAL checklist on your thread.
  • This process will give you, the Room Leader, a more detailed idea of what the approval process is like but also give the ReVo community a chance to get to know you and your concept. We want to ensure that you interact with at least three people, and get noticed by at least six.
  • Please note that there are no incorrect answers to the questions. They are just a tool to get to know you, the room leader, and the room with underlying storylines and plot.

  • Transferring Rooms

    If you are the room leader of an already existing room, many of the same guidelines apply though the process is different. Please read the expectations and then fill out the room application plus a couple more questions that apply directly to transferring.
    The room approval process takes place on the forums. For more information, go there!