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Coppermine Gallery Tutorial

Coppermine Photo Gallery® is an advanced, user-friendly, picture gallery script with built-in support. The gallery can be private, accessible to registered users only, and/or open to all visitors to your site. Users, if permitted, can upload pictures with their web browser (thumbnail and intermediate sized images are created on the fly), rate pictures, add comments and even send e-cards. The site administrator determines which of the features listed above are accessible by registered and non-registered users.

Image files are stored in albums and albums can be grouped into categories, which in turn, can be further grouped under parent categories. The script supports multiple users and provides the administrator of the website with tools to manage which user groups can or cannot have personal albums, send ecards, or add comments. Users may also upload to public albums if the website administrator permits it. Permissions to create albums, upload and delete files are all determined by the website administrator.

Coppermine has an optional user selectable theme system with a number of themes pre-installed. Coppermine generates the html code necessary to display its various categories, sub-categories, albums, intermediate, and full-sized image displays dynamically.


ReVo will walk you through the basic set-up required for utilizing your Coppermine Gallery Perk to full advantage. Once you are more familiar with the features, there are many advanced settings that you can toy around with. MOST of the configuration is already done for you but there are some settings you need to confirm or set up in order to start uploading and using your gallery.

*There are some settings in Coppermine's config that you should edit right away.*

Log in with the admin username and password you set up during install, click on the "Show admin controls" link if it is visible, go to the Config page and start to configure your gallery. Note that even if you are a member of the administrator group, you need to be have "Show admin controls" enabled.

In your Admin Controls, click on Config or Configuration.

Click on General Settings:

CONFIRM Gallery name

CONFIRM Gallery description

CONFIRM Gallery administrator email

SAVE new configuration if you made any changes to those 3 lines.

Click on Themes settings:

THEME options have 5 pre-loaded selections. Click on one to try it out or leave it as the default.

SAVE new configuration if you made a change.

Click on File settings:

Max size for uploaded files: Change to 99999

Max width or height for uploaded pictures: change to 4000

SAVE new configuration.

You are now done with BASIC CONFIGURATION! But you're still not quite ready to upload. You need to decide how organized you wish your gallery to be.


In your Admin Controls, click on Albums.

You won't have any Category to select for Basic so just click on New Album.

Name the Album (IE: Gor or Vamp or OOC)

Click 'ok'


In your Admin Controls, click on Categories.

Parent Category would be *No category UNTIL you create what you wish to use as a Parent Category.

Category title: name it

Category description: optional description

UPDATE/create Category and repeat if you want numerous categories, OR categories of PARENT Categories. Once you have Categories created, now you will need to return to BASIC ORGANIZATION and create albums inside the categories. You CANNOT upload into a category, only into albums so only create categories, if you're willing to then create albums inside those categories.

Now you are ready to upload.

Click on Upload file

Select Album

Select picture/s from your computer


From the Home page, when logged in as the administrator you can delete full albums, go directly to the edit functions in albums and go directly to the properties of each album. Many of these options are self-explanatory as you read through them but in all of them, make sure that you SAVE all changes at the bottom of each page in order to perform the task.