DJ Scorch




DJ Scorch isn’t one that’s shy away from the Radio. Oh no, this man comes with the bass and lots of experience. When it comes to music he is all for playing just about anything. So why don’t you watch for him and his Rap God attitude.

Every other Monday Join us for Meltdown Mondays at 9 – 12 am Est

Hey! Well that’s exactly what a (censored) came for
Huh, you doin’ shots from afar
I’ma meet you at your front door
Uh, so hard to be doing what you really meant for, beauty
Huh, but don’t I make it look easy
Don’t I make it look good

Hey, now you, drank up all my liquor, come on
What I’m supposed to do now?
And you talking all that shit, now come on
You gonna have to back it up
If I get too high now, sugar, come on
I might never come down
You know I might never come down
Let me get down
You might not never come down
Now let me come down
You might not never come down
Let me get down!

You might never ever come down
It took too long to get this high off the ground
Don’t run, just stay awhile

Can’t beat it, can’t beat it, can’t beat it
Can’t beat it with a big bat though
Can’t see her with this pitch black Gucci frames on
Let me take these bitches off
Let me get the full scope, hold up
Huh, full screen, HD, let me take another picture
Let me pull it to the pre-show
Whoa, cool beans, cool beans
That’s a whole lot of reefer
Let me help you with the pre-roll

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