DJ Kitten




DJ Kitten let’s the music speak for itself. But that doesn’t mean she doesn’t have the Gift to Gab. Catch one of her shows and be ready to tackle just about any topic. She and her cohorts are always prepared to bring the house down.

Princess Nokia Sugar Honey Iced Tea
Sugar honey iced tea
These bitches don’t like me
These bitches wanna fight me
And doin’ shit just to spite me
I see them talking on the IG
Think you jealous maybe high key
I got the juice I got the high seat
Do I care? Unlikely
You must have time on your hands
‘Cause all the time you been hatin’
I know you’re mad that I’m famous
I know you’re mad that I made it
When all the time you been hatin’
You could’ve turned into something
Sometimes it works out for people
Sometimes it really just doesn’t
Don’t do this shit to be famous
I do this shit ’cause I love it
I shot an arrow said “Fuck it”
I took a chance, came from nothing
You have to go for it, want it
You have to rise up above it
If you go on expecting
Well girl I think that you’re buggin’
How you want what I have?
You ain’t workin’ yourself
That toxic energy shit
Ain’t really good for your health
I think you need better goals
‘Cause oh my God you seem lost
You talkin’ shit ’bout my music
But what the fuck have you dropped?
Now what the fuck have you done?
Accolades, you have none
Your lazy ways get you none
I’ll go and pray for you hun


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