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Author Topic: MoTto - MiSSion - ReaSon  (Read 10201 times)


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MoTto - MiSSion - ReaSon
« on: August 03, 2013, 06:45:24 PM »
ReVo MoTto:
"We are the ReVolution"

ReVo MiSSion:
We seek evolution. We embrace impossible dreams and bring them to life. Our hearts burst with endless possibilities; our minds expand upon known horizons. We encourage imagination. We commune to achieve. We are strong with a future of creativity together. We are the ReVolution.

ReVo ReaSon:
We have a past. We remember what it was like and strive for what it could become. We don't forget where we came from or how we wound up here because to forget history, is to repeat its mistakes. We will redefine transparency yet again and build upon our own solid foundation for a community. We have shared visions of the next level of creative writing and encourage the power of the pen to bring it to life. We desire a fundamental belief system of morality and ethics that far supersedes the norm for online behaviors and aim to rise above them. We have a thirst for vengeance borne from human nature yet we strive to forge the path ahead instead of looking back. We have a past. We won't forget it. But we are the future. The ReVolution.