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Author Topic: Events on Revo  (Read 9326 times)


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Events on Revo
« on: March 26, 2015, 12:44:56 PM »
ReVo hosts numerous membership drives and backs the prizes and freebies offered during such promotions, oftentimes referred to by some as events. Inclusive of ReVo sponsored events would also be our annual anniversary celebration in October, the prizes and freebies involved in that event are also 100% guaranteed by ReVo.

All other events, unless specifically announced as a ReVo Presentation, are chatter/player/member sponsored.

ReVo's support for events:
- Hosting for an event room if one is needed.
- Hosting for a board on our ReVo forums if one is requested temporarily.
- Graphic assistance if requested.
- Advertising on The Edge radio and Facebook if requested.
- Adding to the ReVo Calendar if requested.
- Input on running the event if requested.
- Volunteers from staff if willing and is requested.

ReVo's disclaimer for events:
While we will host nearly anything that chatters propose, the responsibility lies with the proposal to organize and ultimately run that event. All prizes offered are the responsibility of the proposer as is the running and management of all portions of the event. ReVo's commitment to being support for our site is not just in providing a judgement-free roleplay environment but a judgement-free community in everything we do, barring anything illegal or that breaks our very straight-forward site rules. Members run their rooms as they see fit. Players play their roles as they see fit. Chatters run events as they feel they should be run. Should an incident occur where there is no follow-through with what has been promised by an event, ReVo reserves the right to refuse support to future events proposed by that person or persons.

If you wish to organize an event, contact a staff member or leave a post on the support forums and our event template will be PM'd to you on the forum. If you are a room leader, you can find that template in the Template Center thread on that board.