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Forum Rules
« on: August 03, 2013, 05:03:30 AM »
===Forum Rules===

This be the Code for the Revo Forums, man. Keep to the Code.

- 18+. You may feel young at heart, but at ReVo you have to be at least 18 to access the site and forums.

- Etiquette.
---- R-E-S-P-E-C-T. Show respect to your fellow posters and chatters.
---- Be civil, be polite. Don’t be a jerk. No one likes jerks.
---- No flaming, spamming. That’s troll business, and no one likes forum trolls, either.
---- Do not share third party conversations / content publicly.
---- Any personal vendettas or causes will be locked and removed. Don’t vent on the board, even in veiled posts.

- Chatter responsibility.
---- You are responsible for the content that you post, and can be held legally liable for it.
---- No sharing of real time information publicly, be it about yourself or others.
---- Report harassment and other creepy behaviour to the staff. We want you to be safe.

- Harassment, stalking, threats and insults.
This be bad form, mate. Be it racial, ethnic, religious, gender, relating to your mother, the size of your nose; meant to hurt or offend any member (or his dog) - then the post will be removed and the Kraken will eat you. Or well, you will be banned.

- Signatures.
---- If you are wearing one signature, it may not exceed the limits of 800 w x 300 h.
---- If you are wearing more than one image, they cannot be higher than 350 together, and not wider than 800.
---- No salad bar shots (be they male or female).
---- We reserve the right to restrict advertising of all forms. If its not positive for ReVo and the community, its not staying on our forums.
---- Any infractions will be removed by the ReVo forums admin, and replaced by “I have not read the board rules, and therefore my signature was removed by the ReVo admin.”
---- No moving or animated gifs (or other file names that accomodate animation) in signatures or forum avatars.

- Events.
---- We encourage community and social gatherings and will allow most of them to be posted on our forums but this does not extend to the rooms nor to all occasions.
---- We reserve the right to edit or delete invitations and off-site announcements at our discretion.

- Moderation.
---- We moderate at our discretion.
---- We reserve the right to delete posts and threads at our discretion.
---- We reserve the right to ban or restrict posting at our discretion.
---- If you see an issue, report it. Staff are not omniscient and there can be a serious 'bystander effect' when problems come up. People who report issues are greatly appreciated.
---- No witch hunts. We will not be incited into a witch hunt. If you are consistently vague and accusatory you may be the one banned. Be specific and direct when reporting problems or rule violations.