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Title: ReVo Justice : ReVo DoJ
Post by: ReVo on August 03, 2013, 03:58:43 PM

Nearly everyone has a jacket (criminal history/arrest record) in this community and the decision by the ReVo community is that we remember that. ReVo is a new beginning but not a clean slate. That has been done ad nauseum only to have the same repeat offenders back out on the streets of our communities, wreaking havoc in the form of unacceptable behaviors, hate-mongering, harassment and other violations of community cohesiveness. We believe there is a place for everyone in our community and will help everyone find one, even if that place is the penitentiary. If you have a prior criminal record in our memory banks then it is very likely that even a minor violation of our rules will result in a stiffer penalty than what is listed for that violation below. This is at our discretion and ReVo reserves the right to administer the level of violations as we deem fit.

DoJ LvL 0 - Courthouse Appearance : Minor violation that does not count as Jail time and will not be logged on the public Jail Log. A ticket (reminder) will be issued about adherence to the rules.
DoJ LvL 1 - Grand Jury Summons : Repeat offenders of minor violations or a violation beyond minor will be called on it and issued a warning. This will be listed on the Jail Log.
DoJ LvL 2 - County Jail : A suspension anywhere from 3 months to a year. Includes but is not limited to violations such as verified and purposeful harassment of others in the community, refusal to abide by site rules or honor room or forum rules. Please see DoJ CSR below for information on lifting this suspension. This will be listed on the Jail Log.
DoJ LvL 3 - Federal Penitentiary : A lifetime sentence. Multiple DoJ LvL 2 sentences or a violation so severe against our community as determined by the ReVo SoVereign and confirmed by the ReVo Cabinet. This penalty is at our discretion and we reserve every right to refuse service to any. Please see DoJ CSR below for information on requesting a parole hearing. This will be listed on the Jail Log.

DoJ CSR - Community Service Release : Offender has served their time for a DoJ LvL 2 OR it MAY be granted after careful parole board hearings, to a DoJ LvL 3 offender. All offenses stay on record. Any further site violations by the latter (a reprieve granted to a DoJ LvL 3) will automatically reinstate the DoJ LvL 3 and there will be no further parole hearings granted. To request a Community Service Release, contact a cabinet member.
Title: ReVo DoJ : Jail Log
Post by: ReVo on August 03, 2013, 03:59:00 PM
ReVo Department of Justice : J A I L . L O G

08/13/13 - DoJ LvL 3 issued to Blinky for ... Treason.
08/13/13 - DoJ LvL 3 issued to Martin for ... Treason.
08/13/13 - DoJ LvL 3 issued to Parker / Epitaph for ... Abusing community networking for the purpose of fraud. Update: Finally jailed for it.
02/06/14 - DoJ LvL 1 issued to The Domfather for ... Harassment of another roleplayer.
06/12/15 - DoJ LvL 2 issued to verdandi for threats including real time and violating our zero tolerance harassment policy.
11/23/16 - DoJ LvL 1 issued to Songbird for harassment through the rating system and violating our zero tolerance harassment policy.
12/17/16 - DoJ LvL 1 issued to Charity for harassment through the rating system and violating our zero tolerance harassment policy.
02/16/17 - DoJ LvL 1 issued to eric for harassment through mimicking another's tags
07/24/18 - DoJ LvL 2 issued to Judas for refusing to abide by Cease and Desist requests
Title: Re: ReVo Justice : ReVo DoJ
Post by: ReVo on November 23, 2016, 11:59:33 AM

We would hope that things like this can go without say, but we say them for the times people don't show common courtesy. As is publicly posted HERE (, there will not be a tolerance of harassment in the form of the rates.

Yours have all been removed and you are on a level 1 warning to not pursue this habit especially when it clearly comes across as being the only reason you are utilizing the forums here on ReVo. A forum banning, at level 2, will occur should your harassing behavior continue.
Title: Re: ReVo Justice : ReVo DoJ
Post by: Qristal on December 17, 2016, 04:31:31 PM

Your warning was given privately but as your rank onsite is as a staff member, I feel an apology from me is in order. No one should be harassing or misusing any of the tools or features we have here onsite, but moreso my staff should be held to higher standards, and is.

I am troubled that I had to reprimand a staff member for abusing the rates system and I apologize to all of you here on ReVo, that we did not do better to represent ourselves, and you.

Title: Re: ReVo Justice : ReVo DoJ
Post by: Qristal on July 24, 2018, 01:11:03 PM
After all this time ...

I started managing chatsites in 2005, stepping to help Ara and rhea with Creative-chat at that time, eventually owning that site in '07 and staying on that course towards the five year mark of owning ReVo. In that time, I've learned a lot.

A lot about online etiquette.
A lot about online politics.
A lot about online anonymity.
A lot about online chatsites and their communities.
A lot about myself.
A lot about many of you.
A lot about headaches.

What has eluded me, is learning how to combat all of the above in a fair and unbiased manner so that everyone feels welcome and at home in this environment. We have the formula. We set the examples. We lead the charge. Everyone is on board and things are going oh so smooth.

And then .............


We can't escape it. That is unrealistic. We can't control it. That is impossible. We can't silence it. People would scream louder. And unfortunately, we cannot always stay out of it. As much as we promote mediation over moderation and listening over judging, as much as we believe that there are two sides to every situation (at least!) and then the truth which rarely if ever matches any of them, it can reach an overwhelming point of bullshit.

Things have reached a point of bullshit. No one is right all of the time. No one is wrong all of the time. But seeing and recognizing that doesn't build the platform to stand on and proclaim righteous indignation for all that they do. All that any of us can do is put our best foot forward, take another step and move ahead with our lives, whether online or off, and when you do that, what you're moving away from is behind you. It's the past. It's already over with. It... is... done.

So leave it there.

99 problems and the past is all of them. This is what I see in the overhead view I have on a lot of situations that arise onsite. People haven't moved on. Haven't taken that step to move ahead. Nor is it realized that all don't need to do that the same way.

Some do it through forgiveness.
Some do it through severing ties.
Some do it from a distance.

And some, just never let it go. A fight with someone two years ago, is still a fight today.

Living has a shelf life. Online lives have an even shorter shelf life. I'd love to see everyone living and focusing on both to their fullest potential. It's my goal and dream for ReVo. Has been since we decided to move forward with this site, moving away from our past to do so.

But... my goals are not everyone's, though they are the foundation of ReVo and all those that helped found this site. I realize that and I also realize I cannot avoid staying out of the middle of every situation because there are some that regardless of the warnings, don't seem to be able to step away from the bullshit. Passive aggressive behaviors are a pet peeve of mine. Disguised as victimology even moreso. Following the letter of the law in the pursuit of harassing others makes me ill. That there are those that can only seem to thrive on the chaos they bring, willfully, is getting old.

As much as I would rather say 'solve your shit', and have, to most situations - it isn't being heard. I will once again be 'that bitch' rolling off some tongues after this, but so be it. I'm 'that bitch' because I've gone through every other possible avenue, listened for hours upon hours upon hours to every side of the continuous situations that arise. I have poured through pages and pages of scripts sent to my PM box by various chatters and it has gone on for YEARS. Not just this weekend. Not just last month. Not just this year. But YEARS, plural. Warnings have been issued. No-contact adjudications have been issued. Bans in rooms have occurred. Bans from events have occurred.

And still, the bullshit deepens. And there's a common denominator.

So I'm 'that bitch' again, but for the health and well-being of the ReVo community as a whole, a decision has been made.

A 12 month ban is now in effect for Judas.

If anyone feels there is a side or viewpoint to this I have not heard or considered, my door is open. Please be sure it is something new, and not an old grievance because trust I am over all of it. This was not done lightly, nor rashly, and it certainly isn't personal.